Google Adword as an advertising campaign

Google Adword as an advertising campaign

Have you ever launched an advertising campaign to promote your affiliate site before? If the answer is a YES you may probably know that effectiveness is the key to an advertising campaign. In fact, in the field of online marketing, Pay Per Click programs, or PPC, in short, is considered a very effective way of marketing a website. However, there are various PPC networks and only some of them are effective. You will be wasting your money if you use services from a bad PPC network.

Why Google Adword?

If you do not want to waste money on when launching your PPC campaigns, you should only stick to the effective program. You will be curious about how you can find an effective network. As a matter of fact, Google Adwords should be one of your options. It is proved by various affiliate marketers that it is extremely effective.

When you launch a PPC campaign using Google Adwords, your adv will probably be placed in two areas. Without any surprise, the adv will put in the search engine result pages of Google search engine. Besides, the adv can also be put on websites with contents related to your adv. Of course, you will always have choices on where your adv should be placed in.

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Some more things about Google Adword

It is not difficult to apply for a Google Adwords account and it is also very easy to start a new campaign. As a result, this will not be gone through in this article. What is more important is how you monitor and tweak your campaign.

You will need to make your campaign effective otherwise you will only waste your time and money. As mentioned you will need to monitor and tweak your campaign from time to time. Besides, you should also join some high paying affiliate programs in order to offset the cost of advertising campaigns. You will also need to use as many keywords as possible so as to attract more potential customers.

Besides the above, there are also some mistakes you should try your best to avoid. First of all, you should use your own landing page but not mirror sites of the merchant. Besides, you should never just bid at the minimum bid. Instead, you should try to get at least the first six places otherwise the campaign will not be an effective one.

Since PPC is a keyword-driven advertisement. You will also need to do your keyword research in order to make your campaign more successful. Google Adwords already provides you with a very good keyword research tool. Of course, you may also use the paid tools out there so as to perform more detail research of the keywords you are going to use.


If you can use launch some effective campaigns, you can really make money out of your affiliate site or landing page. However, it may take you some time before you can launch an effective campaign. As a result, you should be prepared that you will need to spend some money before you can make money.

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