Top High Ranking Websites To Get Rankings on Google

Top High Ranking Websites To Get Rankings on Google

To achieve high rankings on Google and on other major search engines, getting higher quality and trusted backlinks is now one of the only ways to get a higher rank. Today all Business firms which have their website and conducts there business activities online needs a good search engine optimization strategy and every search engine strategy needs a variety of backlinks. As these backlinks should come from sites which have high Google Page Rank. These PR backlinks would decide where your website would rank in the search engines for the specific keywords phrases chosen.

Whenever it comes to have a good ranking on the search engine website there are 4 V’s of backlinks:

  1. Volume: The quantity of links your site possess
  2. Variety: The figures of various links your site possess
  3. Velocity: The speed the links give to your site
  4. Verbiage: The  text used on the link to your site


As every coin has two sides, same is the case with the PR backlinks. The only main disadvantage is that if you do it in a wrong way you can be delisted by Google. Therefore always keep this in mind only get links from those sites which Google likes.

Top High Ranking Websites To Get Rankings on Google

The various high PR sites from where you can get the backlinks are as follows:


This is among the most trusted and most used social sites in the world. So keep it in point that your main site is linked to Facebook. But before linking up to facebook make a Facebook page for your business and then link it up.


One of the topmost social site which has set the standard and basically known to be used by celebrities. Just create your Twitter profile and put a link on here too. As it is popular among celebrities and business tycoons it is considered as one of the most trusted platforms for backlinks.


As we all know youtube is being owned by Google thus creating a YouTube channel can increase your ranking. It not only allows you to put 1 backlink but up to 5 on your channel page. You can link your channel not only to your website but also in other social media sites too.

4. business

If you are performing local client SEO consulting, it becomes must for the business to have their Google My Business page. You can’t get a better way to get a link than from Google themselves. Just make sure you fill out all of the information perfectly.


It is one of the most popular networking websites.  Where people meet with each other and exchange their information. Many people use this site to not only to meet each other but go out to their own websites.


When this website came in the scene it has been recognized as the major powerhouse as far as social media sites can be seen. While creating the account on this website you can put your link back to your main site and get it verified too. Just make sure you pin other sites too.


Instagram is now being owned by Facebook. It is that application of your smartphone which help in adding filters to your photos .one can easily make a profile in it and add your backlink on the website. The main feature of Instagram is hashtags which attract a lot of traffic and thus helps in increasing your page ranking too.


This is being owned by which is another prevailing search engine. It is been called Web 2.0, by some people but it is a huge powerhouse. Just Create your profile, and start adding links out to your other profiles. Tumbler gives you a huge social mass from the major website.


This is the site which is being used to share things like your powerpoint and keynote presentations. Slide share not only allows you to link back to your main website, but you can also link out to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.


It is the most popular book reading website which offers a powerful high domain authority link to your main site. It also allows you to link your account to other social profile sites too. Scribd is one of those sites which is being used by every SEO manager to help in their website rankings.


Moz is very popular Open Site Explorer which provides to link back to your website from, and also your social profiles of Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Remember while doing backlinking with these sites,  don’t send all the links pointing back to the homepage of your main website, in fact, link it to send some of them at inner pages like in your about us page, contact us page,  FAQ page, services page, etc. So perform the backlinking exercise in the correct manner and get your website reached on the first page with the highest ranking on search engines.

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