Most Important WordPress Plugins to Improve Website Ranking

Most important WordPress plugins to improve website.

A plugin is a piece of software with a group of functions that acts as an add-on to your web browser. It gives additional functionality to display the content. It was not originally designed to display It also extends the functionality by adding new features to your WordPress websites. Thus With the help of plugins, it becomes easy for users to add more and more features to their website without knowing a single line of code. Numerous plugins are available for free to download from the official WordPress plugin directory. Some of  most important wordPress plugins to improve website are :

Most Important WordPress Plugins to Improve Website Ranking


If you want to save yourself from the problems of spams always on your web page, then Akismet is the must-have WordPress plugin.
Spams are considered as digital vermin for the web page. This blog plugin helps stave off comment spam and has the ability to delete all the junk comments on its own so that one never see them again.

2.Google XML Sitemaps

After giving up your best efforts to optimize your posts for SEO, sometimes your site itself become one of the biggest issues for it not ranking. To help you on with this word press give you the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. It helps in giving your site just what it needs. When you create an XML sitemap, the site becomes much easier for Google to crawl and read, which helps in getting your site a higher rank,


3. Contact Form 7

If you don’t know how to design, Contact me page one can simply use
Contact form 7 available as a word press plugin. It’s the most simple and vital WordPress plugin needed to create different types of contact forms. While using contact form 7, one can easily add different forms by giving them. Some other boxes if needed can be created easily like the email address or phone number box. There is No need for special CSS coding.


4. Jetpack by

It is the all in one plugin given by the word press. So Instead of going in search of a whole bunch of different plugins, Jetpack can be used which has a sort one-and-done idea that it is built on. It provides over 30 modules that can be activated for running your website faster.some of them are :
• Related Posts
• A picture CDN know as Photon
• Site Stats
And Many more. you just need a account to use and connect it to the blog plugin of your site, this would be one of the worthy steps for your site.


5. Yoast SEO

Today we all know SEO is a big deal. Even though Seo has changed lot still the most important part related to SEO is to Create a content that is optimized for Google search.
If you don’t know the content which you created is right or wrong.this is the time when Yoast SEO comes into the picture. Instead of just hitting and guessing Yoast SEO optimized your content correctly. By using this plugin if you are not using the extra XML sitemap plugins, need not worry Yoast Would take care of that too.


6. Google Analytics by Yoast

With the help of google analytics word press plug in one need to open any extra browser tab. You just have to install and set up the plugin and you would be able to view al your analytics in the word press dashboard itself.

7. 404 redirect to Homepage

It’s a simple plugin that redirects all your 404 pages to your homepage. It creates traffic for your blog page. For instance, if your post is deled by you or your readers have typed the wrong URL for your then he or she will be automatically redirected to your WordPress homepage if you have installed this plugin in your website.
It is the must-have WordPress plugins that every blogger definitely needs.

8. Simple social share

It is being rightly said that If your content is good enough, you have big chances that it will go viral as well. So to get more visibility of your blog on the social networks just has this plugin installed in your site. This plugin would add social buttons with different sharing options to your blog posts and pages. If any visitor wants to share your page on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, they can do it with just one click.


9. Scroll Triggered Box

If you regularly want to send the newsletter to your enlighten readers; Or you want their mail id to have more business opportunities in the future. Then scroll triggered box is the plugin which you should have. It has been made by Estonian WordPress coders and it’s easy to use.


10. Author Bio Box

If your blog has many owners, contributors or writers, you should add the Social Author Bio WordPress plugin to your blog. A special box below every post is being created so that the readers get detailed information about the author.
There are many more plugins provided by the word press. The selection of plugins depends on what you want from your site and how you want it to look like. Word press plugins feature has made the coding process much easier and thus increasing up the productivity of your website.

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